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With 16 years of sector experience to call upon, 2b:creative is highly and demonstrably qualified in managing the specific demands of creating impactful marketing assets for both the 2nd level and 3rd level education sectors. We have a highly developed understanding of the design principles necessary to create engaging publications that retain the gravitas of educational establishments.

This experience includes a clear and unambiguous understanding of the target audiences and their informational needs. This is particularly true of education in an era when potential pupils and their influencers have become increasingly sophisticated in terms of their communication preferences. We are also acutely aware that it is no longer sufficient to consider the ‘stereotypical’ or ideal pupil –  learning today is a complex mix of educational, vocational and pastoral factors and the unique character of your school and its values derive from your attention to them. Capturing this uniqueness and the individuality of your institution is a process we are ideally positioned to help you with.

The following information relates to the engagement with St Louise’s College in Belfast, during the design and production of their 2018 Prospectus.

What makes a good Prospectus?

  • Easily extractable core information
  • Communicates effectively to both the potential pupils and their influencers
  • Application of an effective mix of appropraite imagery
  • Attention to clarity fonts and point sizes
  • Appropriate balance of education, school life and pastoral care

Briefing & Design Concepts

Using previous year’s publications as a starting reference point, their varying strengths and weaknesses were discussed at an initial briefing meeting with the St Louise’s marketing team. It was vital at this early stage to get a clear picture of the school’s target demographic and agree benchmarks within the immediate geographic area of 2nd Level Education needs.

As a result of the findings and conclusions of this meeting, 2b:creative established a clear sense of purpose to create an ideal platform for designing concepts for a fresh and visually engaging Prospectus, these were presented to the school for consideration and subsequent refinement based on feedback.

The concept chosen by St Louise’s was a much more vibrant and engaging design from the previous publications.  The design allowed for much more clear white space around the narrative and images, enhancing the clarity and reader-friendly virtues of the publication.  The result was a new, vibrant design with visually engaging imagery and infographics showing the school’s emblem colour palette.

Project and Budget Management

Upon approval of the design concepts, the artwork production stages commenced. The project was managed by 2b:creative Partner, Simon, who ensured the timely flow of artwork and proofing between St Louise’s and the 2b design team, as per an agreed production schedule.

Before final sign-off of approved artwork, the St Louise’s team were welcomed to sit alongside the designer in the studio, facilitating the application of final minor amendments.

Simon was also responsible for sourcing of an appointed printing company, selected on the assurance of best quality and value. Simon liaised closely with the appointed printer to ensure that all technical specifications were adhered to. A complete set of colour printer’s-proofs were presented the St Louise’s team for final approval, before the project went to press.


With close collaboration between Simon, St Louise’s and the 2b design team, the client was assured that the Prospectus was produced to the most appropriate and highest standards of creativity, all deadlines were met and that the agreed budget was adhered to.

Throughout the production process St Louise’s had direct access to the design studio, were guaranteed a warm welcome and thoroughly enjoyed the friendly ethos of working in partnership with 2b:creative

“The 2b:creative team has been designing a range of publications and assets for St Louise’s College for several years; including our Prospectus, a range of publications for parents, wall graphics and most recently, our website.  We have always been most impressed by the creativity and quality of the designs.  Simon, Martin and Damian exude such professionalism and patience in their dealings with us.  They understand our needs and expectations and work diligently to ensure our deadlines are met.  They listen carefully to what we want whilst simultaneously offering their unique ideas to help produce the most appropriate designs for our needs.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with 2b:creative.”

St Louises College

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